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About the roundtable

When established in 2009, the Artist Roundtable served as a hands-on advisory group that participated in the annual planning and program development to reboot innovative and accessible programming at SHG. Today, SHG seeks to strengthen and serve the artistic community through the Artists Roundtable by providing the group with experiences, resources, and expand artistic networks.


The monthly meetings are a gathering of creative individuals in a supportive space to share current projects, discuss and address pressing issues affecting local artists, and to garner resources for growth. The goal is to build relationships across generations and communities by encouraging artistic expression through collaboration. The meetings are free and open to all creative people.

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Artists Advisory Committee

The Artist Advisory Committee is a rotating advisory group that plays an integral part in upholding the quality of programs at SHG by critically reviewing exhibition proposals, artist in residence submissions, and develop programming for the Artists Roundtable. During the one-year commitment, members will take part in the following:

  • Review exhibition proposals

  • Review artist in residence submissions

  • Work with SHG staff to develop programming for the Artists Roundtable that may include artists’ talks, speakers, and career building resources, etc, in an effort to help advance artistic opportunities, broaden networks, and provide a space and platform for artists to discuss, collaborate and create.

  • Be an active advocate of SHG

Membership Composition

The Advisory Committee consists of members who are artists in any medium and are knowledgeable in the field of art and appointed by SHG staff.

The current Advisory Committee includes Artists Mario Ybarra Jr., Rosalie Lopez, Michelle Lopez, Marianne Sadowski, Pete Tovar, Sherin Guirguis, Dalila Paola Mendez, Dewey Tafoya, Martha Carrillo and Nery Gabriel Lemus.

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When people say the Eastside has a new arts renaissance, I point to 40 years of Self Help Graphics history. From the community, for the community!
— Daniel Gonzalez, Artist

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