Christian Selcedo Ward, Utopia and Dystopia, 2019

Christian Selcedo Ward, Utopia and Dystopia, 2019

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Christian Selcedo Ward
Utopian Six of Hearts and Dystopian Ten of Spades (diptych)
Linoleum Print Relief, ed. 60
15”x11” - each

From the Utopia/Dystopia Portfolio Project

Individual print: $250
Pair of prints: $400

Christian Selcedo Ward’s Utopian Six of Hearts and Dystopian Ten of Spades was created in part of the “Utopia/Dystopia” portfolio, curated by artist Miyo Stevens-Gandara. Miyo invited 26 artists to each pick two cards from a full deck, incorporating a diverse range of interpretations and ideas into a single, unified collection. Here, Ward draws upon his numerous outings into his local landscape as sources for these prints. Referencing photographs from these visual experiences in his urban environment, his imagery reflects and meditates on the utopian and dystopian characteristics of his local surroundings. 

Ward engages in a range of art techniques, including drawing and printmaking. He enjoys exploring the world visually and physically, often in ordinary places. Therefore, he employs printmaking as a mechanism of expression and reflection on his experiences and sights in the world. The dissemination of his work along with his engagement with the printmaking community create a social universe through which these experiences can unfold onto the paper.

Ward received his BA from the University of Oregon in 2009, and then complete his MFA with an emphasis in printmaking at California State University Long Beach in 2012. He is currently teaching printmaking and drawing at Long Beach City College, as well as co-founding an co-operating The Collective print studio in downtown Long Beach with his wife.

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