Eva Sandoval, Hilos Ancestrales, 2013

Eva Sandoval, Hilos Ancestrales, 2013


Eva Sandoval
Hilos Ancestrales, 2013
Serigraph, Ed. 61

This brightly abstracted and dense image shows the arm of a “danzante Azteca” or Aztec dancer in full regalia holding a mandolin (an instrument used by Conchero dancers during ceremonies). The large black and grey feather contrasts with the use of primary colors in the traditional patterning. Feathers also carry symbolic importance in the danzante's regalia, representing the rays of the sun reaching up to the creator. The print pays homage to contemporary vestuario or costume makers who keep this pre-Hispanic tradition and culture alive.

Eva Sandoval is a seamstress, danzante, and craft-making entrepreneur. She lives in San Diego where she has been making vesturarios or "Aztec regalia" for about 18 years.

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