Jesus Barazza, Barbz '85, 2019

Jesus Barazza, Barbz '85, 2019


Jesus Barazza
Barbz ‘85, 2019
Serigraph, ed. 55

Barbz ‘85— a portrait of a young Barbara Carrasco, an influential artist in the Chicana art movement— is one in Barazza’s series of portraits on artists in the early days of the Movement. Barazza celebrates Carrasco’s unique artistry and her willingness to disrupt the status quo through her socially and politically confrontational work. The viewer is invited to look Carrasco in the eyes, and interact face to face with the history of Chicana resistance through art.

Jesus Barraza is an interdisciplinary artist with a MFA in Social Practice and a Masters in Visual Critical Studies from California College of the Arts. He holds a BA in Raza Studies from San Francisco State University. He is a co-founder of Dignidad Rebelde a graphic arts collaboration that produces screen prints, political posters and multimedia projects and a member of JustSeeds Artists Cooperative a decentralized group of political artists based in Canada, the United States and Mexico. Barraza has worked closely with numerous community organizations to create prints that visualize struggles for immigration rights, housing, education, and international solidarity.

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