Juan Carlos de Luna, Los Angeles, 2016

Juan Carlos de Luna, Los Angeles, 2016


Juan Carlos de Luna
Los Angeles,
Silkscreen, Ed. 40
20 x 26”

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Born and Raised in Boyle Heights California, John Carlos De Luna, absorbed the vivid influences of L.A.’s best muralists and graffiti artists. De Luna grew up in Los Angeles and was very active in the East Los Angeles Graffiti Art scene since the mid 1990’s, as a skillful and well respected street artist. De Luna spent the majority of his youth in the infamous Estrada Courts Housing Projects, known for their historic murals. There he had the opportunity to admire, study and recreate these powerful works in his sketch books as a young child and teen, drawing from the inspiration of the legendary Chicano artists and muralists of the 1970ʹs. This inevitably inspired him to create his own murals and works of art from a very young age. Throughout this period, young De Luna’s artwork progressed into an innovative style in which he cultivated a three-dimensional design technique for illustrations, portraits, and typographical works. Many elements of historical design have influenced De Luna from DADA, Russian Constructivism, historical Los Angeles architecture such as Art Deco, Art Nouveau and many of the unique Mexican and Latin American elements that make up Los Angeles. Most importantly the Chicano school of art particularly “ASCO” stands as a defining factor in his art and continues to influence his work.

De Luna’s current artworks and writings are shifting into a strong and definitive body of work. As De Luna has matured his work has become a powerful and enigmatic language, cultivating dialogues and creating social awareness around issues that affect all Americans and immigrants. De Luna still lives and works in his home studio in Boyle Heights.