Kay Brown, Utopia and Dystopia, 2019

Kay Brown, Utopia and Dystopia, 2019

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Kay Brown
Utopia and Dystopia (diptych), 2019
Woodcut, Chinecollé and Collage Linocut Shape &
Woodcut, Stencil & Collage Printed Shape
ed. 60
15”x11” - each

From the Utopia/Dystopia Portfolio Project

Individual print: $250
Pair of prints: $400

Kay Brown’s Utopia was created in part of the “Utopia/Dystopia” portfolio, curated by artist Miyo Stevens-Gandara. Miyo invited 26 artists to each pick two cards from a full deck, incorporating a diverse range of interpretations and ideas into a single, unified collection. These prints juxtapose the institutional ideologies of democracy and fascism as opposing means of organization.

With the conviction that “public art is an early sign of democracy” and that “art speaks a universal language,” Brown uses her art practice as a platform to speak out against injustices too often seen and observed in daily life. Her work often features themes surrounding existing institutionalized power structures in the United States, as well as questioning how a more equitable democracy can be attained in the country. She also calls for further discussion regarding environmental crises and immigration policy. 

Brown has an extensive educational background, having studied ethnomusicology at UCLA, graphic design at Chouinard Art Institute, fashion design at ArtCenter College of Design and court reporting at College of the Redwoods. Living in Los Angeles at present, Brown is currently the Treasurer of the Los Angeles Printmaking Society, as well as a member at Los de Abajo Printmaking Collective, the Monoprinting Collective, and the Arroyo Arts Collective. She is also currently a resident artist at SPARC in Venice, California.

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