Leslie Dolin, Utopia and Dystopia, 2019

Leslie Dolin, Utopia and Dystopia, 2019

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Leslie Dolin
Up North and Line 5 (diptych), 2019
Woodcut, ed. 60
15”x11” - each

From the Utopia/Dystopia Portfolio Project

Individual print: $250
Pair of prints: $400

Leslie Dolin’s Up North and Line 5 were created in part of the “Utopia/Dystopia” portfolio, curated by artist Miyo Stevens-Gandara. Miyo invited 26 artists to each pick two cards from a full deck, incorporating a diverse range of interpretations and ideas into a single, unified collection. Dolin displays the harmonious balance of the natural world and its dependence on clean water. Though in her dystopian image, she depicts the Enbridge Line 5 oil pipelines, running from Canada to Mackinaw, one of the most sensitive ecosystems in the world.

Dolin spent many summers on the shores of Lake Huron in Northern Michigan, an environment that holds a special place in her heart. Her imagination of utopia presents the natural serenity of this ecosystem. Her art calls for a greater awareness of the interaction between humans and their environments, and the consequences that come from human intervention in the natural world.

Dolin currently lives in Indianapolis, Indiana, where she works as a woodcut printer, painter, mother, and co-owner of Monon Coffee Company and Circle City Industrial Complex artist.

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