Linda Vallejo, Electric Landscape, 2008

Linda Vallejo, Electric Landscape, 2008


Linda Vallejo
Electric Landscape, 2008
Serigraph, Ed. 81

This vibrantly energetic print, with its bright elemental contrasts and expressionistic yet detailed marks and coloration, contains a surreal and awe-inspiring quality that magnetizes the surface of the paper and jolts the eye.

Linda Vallejo consolidates multiple, international influences gained from a life of study and travel throughout Europe, the United States and Mexico to works that investigate contemporary cultural, spiritual and political issues. Her work is in the permanent collections of East Los Angeles College Vincent Price Museum, The National Museum of Mexican Art, Chicago, Ill, Carnegie Art Museum, Oxnard, CA, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Print Department, Los Angeles, CA, University of California, Santa Barbara, (CEMA), California Multicultural and Ethnic Archives, and UCLA Chicano Study Research Center.”

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