Luciano Martinez, Intertwined, 2007

Luciano Martinez, Intertwined, 2007


Luciano Martinez
Intertwined, 2007
Serigraph, Ed. 65

Intertwined is part of Homombre, a collection of silkscreen prints by ten artists that explore the diverse realities, cultures, and struggles of gay Latino men. The red stripes represent confinement and separation imposed by the cultural, political, and geographical barriers that restrict gay partnership and marriage, and separate lovers.

Luciano Martinez is a multi-disciplinary visual artist born from Mexican immigrants and raised on a ranch in south Texas. Now residing in Pasadena, California, Luciano’s work ranges from watercolor and graphite illustrations to art installations and wall murals. Luciano’s main influences come from his parent’s mix of religious dogma and Mexican mysticism along with a deep sense of alienation - a product of living a bicultural life in the United States.”

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