Mavis Leahy, Rouge d'Andrinople, 2013

Mavis Leahy, Rouge d'Andrinople, 2013


Mavis Leahy
Rouge d'Andrinople, 2013
Serigraph, Ed. 61

This print’s recreation of a mid-19th century red and black print fabric reflects the artist’s lifelong passion for antique textiles. It alludes to the historical significance of garment dyes and patterns, and is self-reflexive on the reproducibility of print media. The striking red pigment can be traced back to a turning point in the textile industry when the introduction of a colorfast red dye caused a huge boom in production and sales. Turkey-red, used widely to dye cotton in the 18th and 19th century, was made using the root of the rubia plant through a long and laborious process. It originated in India or Turkey and was brought to Europe in the 1740's. And in France it was known as a rouge d'Andrinople. The fabric’s uneven borders and creased edges show the materials in the midst of a garment-making process. However, their flatness on the surface of paper show their decorative beauty and value.

Mavis Leahy is a self taught mixed media and textile collage artist. As a Los Angeles native, her art reflects the many rich cultures of Southern CA. She has recently relocated to the Willamette Valley and is greatly inspired by the raw natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

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