Miguel Angel Reyes, Papillon, 2010

Miguel Angel Reyes, Papillon, 2010


Miguel Angel Reyes
Papillon, 2010
Serigraph, Ed. 84

This print, whose colors resemble a solarized photograph, shows a profile portrait of a young Latino man clad in a mohawk hairstyle, Japanese-style tattoos, and leather strap gag. Reyes shows the physical body as a display of a mix of various cultural signifiers, expelling the notion of a singular or uniform identity or culture. The electrified blue and coral tones invigorate the print, making the man symbolic of the energy of underground queer and rock subcultures.

Miguel Angel Reyes is a Los Angeles based painter, muralist, printmaker and illustrator. Miguel’s accomplishments as a photographer informs the way he creates paintings and prints. When not working from life, Miguel begins by shooting his own photographs on the street, clubs, in studio and elsewhere. Whether working from life or photos, his pieces always create an intimate connection between subject and viewer.

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