Miguel Angel Reyes, SKB-SHG, 2007

Miguel Angel Reyes, SKB-SHG, 2007


Miguel Angel Reyes
SKB-SHG, 2007
Serigraph, Ed. 133

This bright, translucent print memorializes the ten year anniversary of one of the founders of Self Help Graphics, Sister Karen Boccalero, who passed away in 1997. The light salmon and ochre green colors enliven the founder’s contemplative, forward-looking expression and pose, while the eagle feathers of the light blue SHG logo in the background resemble angel wings, paying tribute to the founder’s impact and legacy.

Miguel Angel Reyes is a Los Angeles based painter, muralist, printmaker and illustrator. Miguel’s accomplishments as a photographer informs the way he creates paintings and prints. When not working from life, Miguel begins by shooting his own photographs on the street, clubs, in studio and elsewhere. Whether working from life or photos, his pieces always create an intimate connection between subject and viewer.

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