Rosalie Lopez Her Hands Remind Us, 2017

Rosalie Lopez Her Hands Remind Us, 2017


Rosalie Lopez
Her Hands Remind Us, 2017
Serigraph, Ed. 75
30 x 22”

The image is modeled after the heart on hand milagro. At the top, the flower encapsulates the past. It depicts images of the indigenous roots of Día de los Muertos, the beginnings of SHG, with the Barrio Mobile, Sister Karen, and Linda Vallejo, who collectively revived Day of the Dead here in L.A. Also included are images of muerto masks & two of my own loved ones who've past on, my mother and brother. Below the flower is a Golden Pathos/ Devil's Ivy house plant, as a symbol of a living momento. My mother loved houseplants and since inheriting them I enjoy sprouting clones of them as gifts to people. The elders hand is a hard-working, loving hand. Her hands remind us to "¡Levantate!" and "échale ganas".

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Raised in Gardena, CA & lived in South LA during her early adulthood. Born to a chicana mother and Mexican father, her upbringing influenced her values on culture and community. At a young age she experienced realities of loss, addictions, and violence, which continue to shape her perspectives on society. She earned dual BFA degrees in Graphic Design & Printmaking at Cal State Long Beach and an MFA in Printmaking at Indiana University. Rosalie currently teaches and creates art in the Los Angeles area.