SOY Artista 2018



S.O.Y. Artista is a free five-week (60 hour) summer art-training workshop for local youths (12-24 years old) from underserved communities of East Los Angeles, Boyle Heights and the greater LA area who are recruited from local youth groups, schools, and other community centers. This youth program’s goal is to fortify and expand the use and access to art through Self Help’s facilities and resources. The five-week course is taught by local, professional artists and consists of various workshops including multi-color screen printing, mobile phone/tablet based art, stencil making, woodblock printing, etching, mono printing and photography. S.O.Y. Artista is a summer program that serves local youth during a time when youth programming is scarce.


We serve youth with this critical need for programming while providing positive and alternative models for creativity in an environment that is nurturing and reflective of this particular group of youth. In some cases, students use the work created in the program for admission portfolios to LA County High School of the Arts or for admission/scholarship consideration for college art programs. Our goal is to serve 60-80 local students through the summer. Classes are meant to inspire one on one instruction and provide in-depth art experiences that culturally connect youth to their community, develop critical analysis, and create stronger coalitions between community organizations, students and higher learning.



To enlist in SOY Artista please register through link provided.



  • Free art workshops
  • Five-week (60 hour) summer art-training
  • Ages 12 – 24


July 3 – August 3, 2018, 11AM to 2PM

  • Print Making
  • Photography
  • Mixed Media Art


Saturday, August 4 from 11AM to 2PM



Self Help Graphics & Art’s Youth and Community Programs are sponsored in part by Cal Arts Partnership, California Community Foundation, Southern California Edison, Union Pacific Foundation, Vernon Community Fund, and the Dwight Stuart Youth Fund.