Ni Santas Collective Participates in East Los Angeles Womxn’s Center Youth Summit


By Miranda Ynez

The East Los Angeles Womxn Center hosted a Youth Summit on Saturday January 26, 2019. The purpose of this summit was to provide a safe space for young people to interact and learn while focusing on the theme of “Empower and Create”.

Some of the workshops that were included reflected on the topics of Body Positivity, Creativity with Self-Help Graphics and Media Literacy. There was even a workshop for parents too!

SHG Artists in Residence, Ni Santas Collective, led an arts based stencil workshop that centered around the questions:

  • What does a healthy relationship look like?

  • How do we prevent violence?

  • What are some steps to take when we feel unsafe?

Stencils and poster boards were then provided for youth to spray paint stencil images their personal board and decorate, paint, and write messages of empowerment that they could share with their peers.

If you are hosting a workshop in your community and wish to hire artist facilitators, contact SHG’s Art Services department and inquire about our Barrio Mobile Art Studio (BMAS) program.

Miranda Ynez is Self Help Graphics & Art’s Project Manager and a Arts Management professional committed to increasing participation in the arts and culture through our local communities. Story edited by Jennifer Cuevas.