Self Help Graphics’ Exhibition Print Program is an active lending/consignment program that allows organizations and companies to host curated exhibitions of SHG’s print collection.

Local and regional partners and corporate or for-profit clients are asked to make a contribution of $2,500 – $10,000 (depending on the project) to rent suites of prints for up to six months.

Through our Exhibition Print Program, we have exhibited our prints to local, national and international audiences. The focus of the EPP has been to provide broad audiences access to art in both traditional and non-traditional venues, but especially to underserved segments of the community, who might otherwise not have the opportunity to experience the art and culture represented through the artwork. The EPP has also enabled SHG to show the work of local artists in museums and art centers in key exhibits.

SHG’s prints have been exhibited in venues such as the Fowler Museum at UCLA, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Musée d’Aquitaine (Bordeaux, France), Paley Center, Casa 0101, and L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center, among others.



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