Raising Youths Voices Through Art in Highland Park

By: Miranda Ynez

The Invest in Youth Coalition is spreading their campaign city wide with a new convening called Raising Youths Voices Through Art, formally known as Convivio. These events are bringing interactive music and art workshops to different parts of Los Angeles to advocate and gather narratives of what youth want to see activated across the city.


On April 4, the Invest in Youth strategy and outreach team took this event to Academia Avance in Highland Park (Northeast LA). Academia Avance is a public charter school that prepares its students for rigorous college and career preparation that inspires a lifetime of learning, community engagement and leadership.

Self Help Graphics’ Barrio Mobile Art Studio (BMAS) teaching artists Connie Mendoza and Jennifer Payan led an interactive art activity that combined spoken word with collage to capture stories and experiences of all stereotypes that are placed onto youth and assemble different medium forms to redefine their identities by rejecting these stereotypes. The purpose of creating an art component that is interactive is to reflect the experiences of having their stories heard through art narrative gathering.

The goals of these convenings are to spread the Invest in Youth campaign to other community members and recruit youth to attend the Youth Leaders in Action City Wide Convening (YLA) happening June 1st at Mendez High School in Boyle Heights (more information to be provided soon). Capture narratives and gather experiences through a community music and art workshop that focuses on what youth want across the city.

These Convivios are part of the Invest in Youth Campaign through BHBHC and are being launched throughout Los Angeles to gather the needs of the youth for a department dedicated towards their benefit. Convivios are a way to have a conversation about social justice and connection between youth and the community. They are hosted by the Alliance of California Traditional Arts (ACTA), Legacy LA, and Self Help Graphics. Join the movement today! Find out more here www.investinyouth.org.

Miranda Ynez is a Self Help Graphics & Art Project Manager and an Arts Management professional committed to increasing participation in the arts and culture through our local communities.