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Protect the Sacred - Photo Exhibition by Tomas Alejo

No Dakota Access Pipeline
Photo Exhibition by Tomas Alejo

at Self Help Graphics & Art
1300 East 1st Street, LA 90033
September 9 – October 7, 2016

Part of the #NoDAPL Global Solidarity Action

A collection of photos from the frontlines of the Sacred Stone Camp by longtime organizer Tomas Alejo. Tomas’ photos have been instrumental in expanding the international attention towards the efforts to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline and highlighted on various international media outlets.

Established on April 1st, 2016, by tribal citizens of the Standing Rock Lakota Nation and ally Lakota, Nakota, & Dakota citizens, under the group name “Chante tin’sa kinanzi Po” founded a Spirit Camp along the proposed route of the bakken oil pipeline, Dakota Access.

This Spirit Camp (now known as The Sacred Stone Camp) is called Iŋyaŋ Wakháŋagapi Othí, translated as Sacred Rock, the original name of the Cannonball area. The Sacred Stone Camp is dedicated to stopping and raising awareness about the Dakota Access pipeline, the dangers associated with pipeline spills and the necessity to protect the water resources of the Missouri river. This coalition rejects the appropriation of the name “Dakota” in a project that is in violation of aboriginal and treaty lands. The word Dakota means “the People” in the Dakota/Lakota/Nakota language and was never intended to be used in a project which violates traditional ceremonial areas.

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