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Ni De Aquí Ni De Allá / Neither Here Nor There: Contemporary Mexican Printmaking on Both Sides of the Border

NI DE AQUÍ NI DE ALLÁ / Neither Here Nor There:


Juan Mora

Juan Mora

Throughout history, printmaking has acted as a cooperative and democratic art form. Mexican printmaking, in particular, has a rich tradition of providing a vehicle for social reform that has influenced generations of artists from around the world. From El Taller de Gráfica Popular to the DIY printshops of today, this tradition continues. The contemporary Mexican printmaking scene is vibrant and vast, both in the U.S. and Mexico.

This portfolio features contemporary Mexican printmakers from both the U.S and Mexico. The exchange will unite artists that have similar cultural backgrounds despite efforts made by politicians that aim to stratify populations. These prints not only reflect issues concerning today’s Mexican/Mexican-American, but also shed light on border issues, the ever-changing face of this nation, and the relationship we have with neighboring Mexico. This eclectic group of artists is comprised of traditional, non-traditional, academic, and DIY printmakers. There is a rich history of Mexican printmaking and this portfolio exchange will evidence that this tradition continues to evolve on both sides of the border.

Featured artists: Francisco Alonzo, Alan Altamirano (Mk Kabrito), Julia CaporalChema Chino, Juan De Dios Mora, Fernando De León, Janet Diaz, Sebastian Gallegos, Armando Gómez, Gabriela González, Abraham González Pacheco, Rogelio Gutierrez, ISTO Miguel Ledezma, Rosalie López, Emmanuel López López, Gabriela Martinez, Xilberto L. Nunéz, Carmen Razo, Coral Revueltas, Humberto Saenz, and Alejandro Villalbazo.

Prints on loan from Arizona State University

Ni De Aqui, Ni De Alla
with curator Rogelio Gutierrez