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Since the 1970’s, Self Help Graphics & Art has been a home to the Chicana/o, Latinx community and its allies. Sister Karen’s vision was to provide a nurturing space for community members to explore their creative self expression and to create works that were true to their voices and reflective of their identity. One of those community members who made their way to SHG is National Heritage Fellow, Ofelia Esparza and the Esparza family who have been a part of the Self Help Graphics network of artists since its formative years. Formerly a school teacher but always a creative at heart, Ofelia and her family have celebrated more than 30 years of art-making with us and in particular, during our Dia de los Muertos Season of programming. The Esparza family is an example of the intergenerational experience that happens at our organization and we are very grateful for their service! 
The Esparza’s are one example of thousands of individuals and families who have been impacted by our mission. This holiday season, please support our legacy of community arts programming with a donation to our Annual Year-End Giving Campaign. Your donation helps expand our intergenerational programs and transform lives! Donate today!



Founded in 1970 as "Art, Inc.", but incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1973 as "Self Help Graphics & Art" (SHG), SHG is dedicated to the production, interpretation and distribution of prints and other art media by Chicana/o and Latinx artists.

Our multidisciplinary, intergenerational programs promote artistic excellence and empower our community by providing access to space, tools, training and capital.



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