Dia de los Muertos 10th Anniversary by Gronk, 1982

“Dia de los Muertos 10th Anniversary” by Gronk, 1982

The piece that I did for Self Help that was for Day of the Dead was a
woman's face, but you could tell that it's this vibrant woman but on her
ears there are these two little skull heads that harken to the day of
the dead. After doing that I thought i'm kind of conforming by using
the skull head, but mine kind of looked like peanuts. They don't look
threatening in any way, they add a sense of almost a sort of glamour
to this pictorial face, the lips are exaggerated, the hair is a weave of black.
You could say almost that its like a lot of the women I grew up with, l
like Patssi Valdez had a look like that. So I was taking that image of
the familiar which was the people that were around me, and placing
them into that image that is Day of the Dead silkscreen by me.